Intellihot Industrial water heaters are designed for maximum ROI, performance, and ease of use while virtually eliminating waste and environmental impact.

While traditional commercial water heaters run 24/7/365 waiting to be used, Intellihot Industrial Water Heater systems provide on-demand hot water and keep it flowing when and where people need it. Our process conserves 40% of the energy lost in traditional water heating methods.  No more waiting, no more wasting.

Intellihot saves money, time and space from installation to operation. Our Industrial water heaters get up and running quickly and costs less to operate month after month. With all the power of alternative systems at a fraction of the size, our design makes space-hogging boilers and storage tanks totally obsolete.

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We develop ingenious Industrial hot water heater systems that give people more while demanding less

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iQ Series

Count on superior performance and reliability from our i Series line, with the i200 and i250 tankless water heaters. Designed to be our commercial “workhorses,” the i Series units are ideal for highly variable applications using potable hot water. Each is engineered with minimal components to maximize durability—even in the most demanding commercial applications.

Common Applications:

  • Restaurants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Hotels / Lodging
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Large high end residential homes

All of our commercial hybrid water heaters can be cascaded for increased capacity. And yet each one operates autonomously. This means cascaded units do not require a master controller (the kind that causes a single-point failure) With Intellihot’s patented design, each iQ series unit has enough internal intelligence to perform independently. 

Common Applications:

  • Hospitality
  • Multi-Family
  • Stadiums
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing.

When space and cost are important deciding factors, you can count on our Neuron Series water heater units for superior performance and reliability. Ideal for commercial applications, our tankless water heaters provide 96% thermal efficiency and are constructed for maximum durability – even in the most demanding commercial applications.

Common Applications:

  • Hotels / Lodging
  • Restaurants 
  • Schools 
  • Restaurant
  • Retail

Intelligent Tankless Hot Water. Perfect for Commercial Water Heater Needs

Intellihot saves money, time and space from installation to operation. Our technology gets up and running quickly and costs less to operate month after month. With all the power of alternative systems at a fraction of the size, our design makes space-hogging boilers and storage tanks totally obsolete.

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Here's Why Energy Efficient Buildings Use Intellihot Water Heaters

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Find out more about how and why a diverse range of energy-efficient buildings install Intellihot Tankless water heaters.

Is a tankless water heater the best solution for your business? In this article, we'll discuss what you need to know about water heaters: how the appliance works, its benefits and why you need it in your commercial properties.

U.S.-based manufacturers and distributors are increasingly offering cost-effective heat systems — including long-lasting, efficient tankless gas water heaters. So, let’s learn how a tankless hot water heater works.

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With similarly located water in and out for easy hook up, replace typical tank units in a flash..

Specially designed for heavy-duty commercial applications with built-in redundancy for less maintenance

Commercial-grade, expandable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger with proven durability.

"Remote access to the Intellihot units is a game-changer. The units’ sleek design creates significant newfound space within our central plant." -Dan Johnson, Grand Hyatt Vail General Manager

"From the day the Intellihot units were on the truck heading to Colorado, PSI received all the support we could possibly ask for. Installation went remarkably smooth. The availability of factory reps as well as factory engineers was great. We received drawings, had all of our questions answered promptly and with great detail. PSI will continue using the Intellihot product." -Brandon Content, Installing Contractor, Plumbing Systems Inc.

"Very impressed with the capability of the unit. The technology is unbelievable and only takes 1/3 of the space."

-Garry Myers, Manager (Pancake Pantry)

"The install time was cut in half in comparison to a "like for like" installation." -Mike O'Connor, Mo's Mechanic

Case In Point

Due for repairs, the Grand Hyatt Vail turns to Intellihot for tankless water heating reliability, cost savings, and cutting OPEX

Village of Sandalwood Park- Brampton, ON

WorldMark Anaheim saves money & reputation with Intellihot.

Schlegel Villages in the Village of Sandalwood Park is a long term assisted living facility and home to over 120 residents.  The village is expansive, with individual rooms varying from 218- 230 sq. ft. The facility required an efficient system to replace its old one quickly and easily, as to not inconvenience its residents.

This large, vacation ownership property received complaints from customers experiencing issues with water pressure and temperature stability. The outdated boilers were also becoming costly and inconvenient to operate and repair. Management found its hero in Intellihot’s efficient, reliable water heaters, saving the resort’s reputation and wasteful spending.

Nestled at the base of Vail Mountain, along the banks of Gore Creek, Grand Hyatt Vail is located in the heart of Vail Valley within the Cascade Village neighborhood. The hotel features bold, vibrant architecture inspired by its scenic locale and welcoming service,

with exclusive amenities ideal for both leisure travelers and conference attendees alike.

Pancake Pantry flips for Intellihot



This popular local restaurant selected Intellihot’s high-efficiency, tankless

water heater when their old water heater and storage tank began to fail.

With 64 dorms and 120 residents, this busy residence hall also includes a student lounge and full laundry facilities. Intellihot stepped in to replace their old, leaky tanks with energy-efficient and reliable water heating equipment.

This leading insurance company’s headquarters needed to upgrade its aging water heating equipment to a more efficient design that would provide them reliable hot water and help reduce their monthly gas consumption.


Sizing a water heating system has never been more convenient. With Intellihot’s new telliSize mobile app you can size projects on the go - wherever you are and whenever works best for your schedule. Just enter the parameters for your project, and the app delivers sizing suggestions and a piping diagram. It’s the fastest, easiest way to ensure your water heating system correctly fits your space and budget. Download the telliSize app from the App Store.

Endless Progress

We envision a future of extraordinary efficiency, where not a watt or drop is wasted.

But sacrifice isn’t how we get there. We will collaborate across industries to develop systems that use less while giving people more. Maximum ROI at minimal cost. Greater freedom achieved with a tiny footprint.

The sustainable world we all want is one of abundance — efficient, effortless, endless. We call that progress.

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